Reward Point Settings

  1. From dashboard, on the left menu, go to: YITH > Points and Rewards.

2. In ‘Settings’ tab, click the Enable Points & Rewards button.

3. Choose ‘Reward Conversion Type’ (recommended –  Fixed Price Discount).

4. Discount Settings:

  • Maximum Discount = Set maximum product discount allowed in cart when redeeming points.
  • Minimum Discount Required to Redeem = Set minimum amount of discount to redeem points.
  • Maximum Discount for Single Product = Set maximum product discount allowed when redeeming points per-product.
  • Minimum Amount to Redeem = Set minimum amount in the cart to redeem points.

5. Other Settings:

  • Allow free shipping to Redeem = Check this box if the coupon grants free shipping. A free shipping method must be enabled in your shipping zone and be set to require “a valid free shipping coupon”.
  • Remove points when coupons are used = If you use coupons, their value will be removed from cart total and consequently points gained will be reduced as well.
  • Hide points message for guest = If checked hide points messages in single products, cart and checkout
  • Show points in “My Account” page = If checked show the points list “My Account” page.
  • Label =  Label to show in My Account Tab. “Show points in My Account” page must be active.

6. After done set general settings, click Save Changes.

7. In ‘Member Role’ tab, you can set conversion rate for points earned based on roles.

8. You can select specific roles for this function.

9. You also can set specific reward points earned for specific roles.  Then, save changes.

10. In ‘Customer Points’ tab, you can view customer points in bulk.

11. In ‘Extra Points’ tab, you can assign extra points when certain conditions occur.

12. List of conditions : 

  • if users leave more than a specified number of reviews;
  • if users place more than a specified number of orders;
  • if users reach a specified spend threshold;
  • if users reach a specified number of points;
  • if users register into the shop.

Considering the example shown in the image below, users will collect:

  • 10 points every 2 reviews left. Since option “Repeat” is active, they will always get extra points every 2 reviews.
  • 100 points after 100 orders.
  • 20 points after spending a total of 100$.
  • 50 points when reaching 500 points.
  • 100 points after registering.

13. In ‘Expiry Settings’ tab, you can set an expiry date to users’ points. Enable the ‘Enable point expiration’ option and specify for how many days points should be valid starting from the day in which they are assigned. After done set the settings, click save changes.

14. In ‘Update Email Settings’ tab, you can set the email will automatically send to the user whenever any action linked to his/her points balance is applied.

15. In ‘Messages’ tab, you can allow users to know the points they would earn with the purchase or the discount they could take advantage of thanks to the points balance. 

  • Single Product Message = The message in product page can be used to show the number of points assigned to the product.
  • Message in Cart/Checkout = On “Cart” and “Checkout” page, you can show the number of points users can get after the order will be completed
  • Reward Message in Cart/Checkout = display to users the possible discount they could benefit from the usage of the earned points. Once activated, the message will be showed both on “Cart” and “Checkout” pages.

16. Last but not least, click Save Changes.