Way to copy link

Step 1 : From dashboard, on left menu, go to Pages > All Pages.

Step 2 : Find the page you want to link with menu, then click view.

Step 3 : Copy the link after www.scienceinsportmy.com, example /energy/

Desktop Menu

Step 1 : From dashboard, on side menu, go to : Appearance > Menus.

Step 2 : Select Main Menu.

Step 3 : Then hover to any menu and click JetMenu.

Step 4 : Click Edit button.

Step 5 : To edit header in the menu, just click on headerOn the left menu, edit the header.

Step 6 : To edit menu content, just click on the contentOn the left menu, edit the text and edit the link.
After done edit, click Update to save changes and Back symbol button on the left top.

Step 7: To edit icon, just click on the iconOn the left menu, click on the small image to change it.

Step 8 : Click Save and Close.

Mobile Menu

Step 1 : Firstly, make sure you select Mobile Menu

Step 2 : Click on Custom Links, then paste the link you’ve copied previously into the URL box, and add your link title in Link Text. Then click Add to Menu

Step 3 : Drag the box you’ve created and place at the respective category.

Step 4 : If you want to edit the menu, just click on any menu then change the URL link and menu label.
Lastly : Click Save Menu to save changes.